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Welcome to this, the latest incarnation of my websites about the abduction of General Heinrich Kreipe. Kreipe was famously abducted in Crete by Patrick (Paddy) Leigh Fermor, William Stanley Moss and a party of Cretan andartes in 1944.

The event was later to become the basis of a book by Billy Moss 'Ill Met By Moonlight'. A film, of the same name, followed starring Dirk Bogard as Paddy and Marius Goring as Kreipe.

This website aims to inform and add to the record.

Be aware that, whilst this is my best shot at current knowledge of the event, new information still comes to light and some of it  may make us rethink aspects.

I have a stack of reports and tidbits waiting to be checked and written up. For cost and copyright reasons I cannot simply reproduce all the images I have of documents but must transcribe many so this site is always likely  to be a work in progress, and typos may creep in - so please check back now and again and start perhaps with the  News page where I will list the latest changes.

I will assume the reader has some basic familiarity with the story and comes here for additional detail. If not then one of the first books to recomend is Ill Met by Moonlight, a new version of which is now published, as is Moss's follow-up, A War of Shadows

Dermati Beach: the landing beach

Dermati Beach near Tsoutsouros. I believe this to be the beach upon which the Moss party landed.
Copyright Tim Todd

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